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The Essential Artists You Need to Know Right Now

From piano-playing nipples to ceramics with body hair, these are the rising art stars the Elephant team thinks you should check out.

Sculpture: Jessica Stoller 

Jessica Stoller’s subversive ceramics combine sugary chintz with nudity, body hair, acne and exotic flora and fauna, provoking lust and revulsion in equal measure. She creates these strange hybrids to interrogate porcelain’s complex history, forcing us to question exactly why we find particular motifs and aesthetics beautiful or indeed grotesque. Stoller combines hand thrown, carved and moulded forms to produce her works, thereby alluding to the form’s accepted traditions, as well as building her own visual language. In her current exhibition Spread, at PPOW Gallery in New York (until 15 February) she presents busts and wall-based work alongside an epic tableau that enmeshes human limbs with carnivorous plants and vaginal flowers. (Holly Black)