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Here Are 6 Artists You Might Not Know, But Should—With Shows You Can See This February

The new decade is shaping up to be quite the global spectacle already with corona-virus in China, protests in Hong Kong, impeachments and election dramas in the US, and the seemingly never-ending Brexit withdrawal unfolding in the UK. In uncertain times artists have always been tried-and-true soothsayers of the way forward, and in 2020 that proves no exception. If you’re ready to see the work of a few interesting, and perhaps unfamiliar artists, here are 6 contemporary talents (and one little-known, historical artist) with shows you can see around the world this February.

Jessica Stoller’s exquisitely detailed new ceramics are tantalizingly bizarre, mixing flower petals and vines with disembodied legs and breasts, tangles of hair, wrinkled skin and other markers of the aging female body. These works allow beauty to bloom among something much more sinister and macabre.

“Spread” is on view through February 15, 2020, at P.P.O.W., 535 West 22nd Street